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Please scroll through for Terms and Conditions

If you have any further questions not addressed on this site, please contact the Brumbies Rugby membership department:

Office hours:  Monday- Friday 9am-5:30pm

Postal address: LPO Box 5039
University of Canberra 
Bruce ACT 2617

Phone: 1300 733 899


Game day enquiries: 
Please ask to speak to the Brumbies Rugby representative at the main Ticketek office at Canberra Stadium (off Battye St). Ticketek office will open 2.5 hours prior to kick off. 


What is the same seat membership renewal cut- off date?

Existing members will have the first opportunity to purchase their own seats for the 2014 season.
Membership seats will be reserved until Monday 21st October. 
Any seats not renewed by this date will be released for general sale. 

What is in the membership kit this season?

Game Day Survival Kit:
Members’ exclusive cap
Membership card
A copy of Stampede, the Brumbies Rugby season guide
A car sticker
Seat cushion (Full season ticketed members only)

Brumby Jack Kids Club:
Brumby Jack beanie
Brumby Jack scarf
Brumby Jack pencil case & stationary kit

When will I receive my membership kit?

Membership kits will be delivered to the registered postal address of each member. 
Members that sign up before Monday 21st October will have their packs delivered in December (subject to change). 
Memberships registered after the cut-off date will have packs fulfilled within 28 days of purchase. 
Please ensure that postal address is correct at the time of renewal. 

How can I change or upgrade my seats?

Seating requests must be submitted at the time of membership renewal and payment
All seats not renewed by Monday 21st of October will be released for re-sale
Seating changes and upgrades will commence 23rd of October 
All members that submitted a request will be called and advised before any changes are finalised

What happens if my seating request cannot be fulfilled?

If a seating request cannot be fulfilled the member will retain their existing seat 

Are memberships transferrable?

If a member is unable to attend a game they can lend their membership card to a trusted friend or family member. If the card is lost a $20 replacement fee will apply.

As a Tryfecta member which games can I attend?

A Tryfecta member will be issued with a membership card that will allow them to attend 3 games of their choice. 
This membership card will only admit one member per game.  
Once the member has attended 3 games the membership card will be deactivated. 
This membership card is not valid for tour games or home finals held at Canberra Stadium during the 2014 Super Rugby season.

Is parking included in my membership?

All parking is managed by Canberra Stadium
Reserved parking is only included in the Foundation membership

Limited pre-paid parking is available. Pre-paid parking is only available to full season members and can only be purchased through the Brumbies Rugby membership department at the time of membership registration. Please note that this is not reserved parking. The member will be issued with a parking pass for each Brumbies home game for the 2014 season. Pre-paid parking passes are only valid for the public car park. Parking passes must be treated like cash, no replacements will be issued if passes are lost. Members are encouraged to arrive at least an hour prior to kick off. Terms and conditions apply. 

If I lose my card can I get it replaced?

Lost or stolen cards incur a $20 replacement fee 
Members must contact the membership department 7 days prior to a home game for a new card
A paper ticket will be issued to members that give less than 7 days notice 
Once the member has notified the membership department that their card has been lost they can collect their ticket from one of the Membership Marquees located outside Canberra Stadium on game day. 
NB In the event that the Brumbies make a home final- Only members with membership cards can purchase their regular season seats

How will I receive a receipt of payment?

Members will be emailed their receipt at the time of purchase
Please ensure that all contact details are current at the time of renewal.

Am I able to pay for my membership in installments?

Members have the option to pay for their membership in 12 monthly installments.
The first installment is payable on the day of renewal, each consecutive installment is due on the first day of each month. 
All members wishing to join the payment plan must do so before 31st December, 2013.
Terms and conditions apply. 

Am I eligible for a concession price?

A member is eligible for a concession rate if they have one of the following:
Full time tertiary student card
Pensioner card
Senior card
Please be prepared to present this identification card with your membership card when entering Canberra Stadium on match days. 
A health care card is not a valid concession card. 

What is a family membership?

A family membership applies to:
 2 adults and 2 children OR 1 adult & 3 children 


1. Brumbies Rugby members wishing to renew their 8 Game Super Rugby membership for the 2014 season have an exclusive renewal period until 5pm Monday 21st October 2013. After this time renewing members cannot be guaranteed their existing seats.


2. All membership prices are inclusive of GST

3. Cancellations - Once a membership is processed, cancellations will not be accepted unless in extraordinary circumstances, and under no circumstances once the season has begun. The decision on the appropriateness of cancellation requests is entirely that of Brumbies Rugby, and no correspondence will be entered into.

4. Dishonoured Credit Card Payments - If a credit card payment is declined by your bank, you will be contacted regarding an alternate form of payment. If the further payment option is not successful your order will be removed from the seating allocation queue and referred to the Brumbies Membership Manager.

5. Dishonoured Cheque Payments - If a cheque is dishonoured, you will be contacted for a further form of payment. If the further payment option is not successful your order will be removed from the seating allocation queue and referred to the Brumbies Membership Manager.

6. Concession membership - Pensioner or Seniors Card or a Full Time Student card.  Please note that Health Care Cards are not accepted as a form of concession. It is a condition of these concessions that you agree to present your concession ID upon entry to the venue, if requested.


7. A 1.95% credit card surcharge applies to all credit card transactions. Brumbies Rugby accepts Visa, Mastercard & AMEX.

8. Transfer of Membership - Your Brumbies membership is transferable however; you must ensure that the person using your card for access to the venue is eligible to do so, eg. An adult may not use a Concession or Junior Registered Player Card. In the event that the card is lost, the member is responsible for replacing the card with a replacement fee.

9. Lost or Stolen Membership Cards - Can be replaced for a fee of $20.  If there are 3 games or less remaining in the season, paper tickets will be supplied instead.  To obtain a replacement card, members must call the Membership Hotline on 1300 733 899.

10. Updating Personal Details - All season members must take responsibility for updating all personal details so the Brumbies can communicate effectively with them. The Brumbies hold no responsibility for member’s failure to update their personal details. To update your personal details please go to the online membership service or call the Membership Hotline (1300 733 899).

11. Discount on Merchandise - The 10% members discount on official Brumbies merchandise is available to members on presentation of their membership card at Brumbies HQ, the retail store located at the Brumbies Rugby Offices and the merchandise outlets at Canberra Stadium. This offer is not redeemable for cash and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.


12. Discount on Tickets- The 10% members discount on tickets to Brumbies home games at Canberra Stadium is available to members on presentation of their membership card at Ticketek agencies. This offer is not redeemable on the Ticketek website and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

13. All memberships are subject to the terms of entry of Canberra Stadium. Go to for full details

14. All memberships are subject to the terms of ticket sale from Ticketek. Go to for full details

15. All details outlined in the Membership Brochure and Membership Renewal Brochure and the Membership Website form part of the Terms and Conditions.

16. Your Privacy is important to the Brumbies and a copy of our Privacy Policy is available on our website at  or you can call the Membership Hotline on 1300 733 899 and request that a copy of the policy be mailed to you.


17. Payment Plan –

a)      By agreeing to these terms and conditions you are entering into an agreement with Brumbies Rugby to pay your membership invoice in 12 instalments. The first payment will be debited on the day that the membership is processed, every subsequent payment thereafter will be deducted on the 1st day of every month (subject to change) from your nominated financial institution.

b)      The total membership invoice will be divided into the following payment schedule:

2 x payments of 10%

10 x payments of 8%

c)       A $1.00 processing fee will be applied to each payment under this agreement. The total $12 processing fee will be debited the day the membership is processed.

d)      In the event that this plan does fall outside of the 1st day of every month Brumbies Rugby will endeavour to notify the member of this change but are not required to.

e)      As a member you are responsible for ensuring that you have enough funds available at the time of the transaction taking place.

f)       As a member you are responsible for ensuring that Brumbies Rugby have all the relevant information required for this transaction to proceed prior to the date of collection (includes changes to credit card details, expiry dates and changes in bank accounts).

g)      In the event that a payment is rejected Brumbies Rugby will inform the member via the email.

h)      It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that all contact information is kept up to date with Brumbies Rugby.

i)        In the event that a member misses two or more payments as stipulated by this agreement and fail to reasonably respond to requests by Brumbies Rugby, Brumbies Rugby has the right to deactivate your membership along with the benefits associated with it.

j)        In the event that a membership card is deactivated, no refund will be given for prior payments and the member will be excluded from attempting to join this payment plan in future years.

k)      You as a member have the right to fulfil your obligations under this agreement and have your membership reactivated if/when the remainder of your membership is paid in full.

l)        In the event that Brumbies Rugby is not satisfied that you as a member will be able or willing to fulfil your obligations under this agreement then the Brumbies Rugby reserve the right to cancel or refuse this payment plan agreement.


18. Pre-paid parking-

a)      Pre-paid parking can be purchased for the 2014 season through the Brumbies Rugby membership department.

b)      Pre-paid parking is limited and only available to full season Brindabella, Snowy River & General Admission members.

c)       Pre-paid parking can only be purchased with a membership and can only be processed at time of membership registration. Under no circumstances can pre-paid parking be processed after the membership transaction has been completed. 

d)      Pre-paid parking is only available for the full 2014 season and cannot be purchased on a game by game basis.

e)      The member must note that this is not reserved parking. Brumbies Rugby cannot guarantee a car space will be available.

f)       The member will be issued with 1 parking pass for each Brumbies home game for the 2014 season- 8 in total.

g)      Pre-paid parking passes are only valid for the public car park and under no circumstance permit entry to the VIP car parks.

h)      Parking passes must be treated like cash, no replacements or refunds will be issued if passes are lost.

i)        Parking passes are transferrable.

j)        Refunds will not be provided under any circumstances.

k)      Parking is subject to the terms and conditions of Canberra Stadium.


19.University of Canberra Memberships-

a)      University of Canberra memberships are only available to Staff, Students & Alumni. Members are required to present a valid University of Canberra identification card with their membership card upon entering Canberra Stadium.

b)      University of Canberra memberships are General Admission only.

c)       University of Canberra General Admission seating is located in the South Bowl. Please note a seat is not allocated.

d)      Discounts are available for Brindabella & Snowy River membership categories.

e)      Membership cards & kits will be fulfilled by post. Please supply a valid postal address upon signing up as Brumbies member.

f)       A family membership is made up of 2 adults & 2 school students u/18.

g)      A University of Canberra membership is subject to cancellation if it is found to be used by an individual not eligible to do so. Eg. 4 UC students over the age of 18 may not purchase a family membership.

h)      Refunds will not be issued in the event that a membership is cancelled due to incorrect use.

i)        The decision to cancel a membership is entirely that of Brumbies Rugby.



20. Volunteer reward voucher-

a)      Volunteer reward vouchers are not transferrable.

b)      This voucher is only redeemable in conjunction with a 2014 membership application form or membership renewal form.

c)       The bearer of this voucher is entitled to purchase a maximum of two Snowy River memberships.

d)      Valid for the purchase of 2014 membership only

e)      The Brumbies Rugby membership department has been directed not to honour any voucher which has not been completed, copied or reproduced.


21. Member muster-

a)      To be eligible to win, members must complete and submit the member muster entry form before 5pm Monday 3rd February 2014.

b)      Entry forms must be mailed to LPO Box 5039, University of Canberra, Bruce ACT 2617.

c)       A new member is defined as someone who was not a member in 2013.

New members must be full season ticketed members –either a Foundation, Brindabella, Snowy River or General admission membership. Tryfecta, Supporter and Brumby Jack Kids club memberships are not valid for this promotion.

d)      New members must be full price adult members. The following discounted price categories are invalid for this promotion: Concession, School Student/u18, Defence, University of Canberra (UC) & ACT&SNSWRU.

e)      The transfer of a 2013 membership into a new name in 2014 will not be considered as a new membership for this promotion.

f)       Applications will be reviewed and the total number of new season members that each existing member has recruited will be calculated and validated before prizes are issued.

g)      In the event that a particular prize cannot be issued, a prize of similar value will be issued.

h)      Brumbies Rugby reserves the right to reject member muster entries. 

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